IRTEBATAT Muzhda Farda Strategic Communications is Afghanistan’s leading social marketing agency specialized in supporting public sector initiatives through classic and innovative media outlets, high professionalism and countrywide coverage with its headquarter in Kabul, and regional offices in Hirat, Nangarhar, Kandahar, and Balkh provinces, and international branche in Pune of India. IRTEBATAT Muzhda Farda specializes in a multi-level approach targeting specific audiences with tailored messages, activities and formats. Emerald IRTEBATAT’S team is composed of 3 international and 25 national experts in social communication.

Who We Are

We are foremost entrepreneurs ourselves, who believe in Afghanistan’s potential, particularly the people around us- young entrepreneurs and leaders, who invest into the country’s future by contributing tirelessly through what they are best at.

We believe, we are Best at what we love doing the most - each one of us over a decade. Our team consists of media, strategic communications, marketing experts with a diverse background, national and international experience, with clients from the public and private Sector reaching from the Afghan Government, Foreign Embassies, International Donor Community, to SME’s, start-ups and non-for-profit projects.

What We Do

We are designing context-based, communication strategies and media campaign products that adapt to the needs of our clients, to the nature of Environment and our cultural sensitivities, while accompanying businesses through transformation towards a sustainable self-reliant economy. While doing so, we promote projects highlighting the country’s cultural heritage, diversity and potential by re-discovering and creating patterns of connectivity.

How we do it

Our approach is based on creating synergies and relations through new dynamics and innovations for sustainable development and growth.

We design ideas and spaces of experiences, enhancing a dynamic interaction with target audiences and create sustainable impacts through connecting these positive experiences made, to our client’s brand.


At the core of IRTEBATAT Muzhda Farda, our vision and approach makes up our culture and set of values - goals that we believe in. In the Afghan scene, we want to contribute not only through our approach and strategies, but also by growing our teams' talents. We are investing in the human capital of our extended networks through mentorship and internship programs.

Our fellow citizens have an incredible passion and talent for entrepreneurship. Believing in its devising potential for Afghanistan and the region, we at IRTEBATAT empower and support local businesses and domestic manufacturers. We encourage these businesses through promoting our initiative #MakeInAfghanistan, highlighting the country’s entrepreneurship, precious goods, highly valuable skills such as handicraft by women, and remarkable developments.

While working with our clients, IRTEBATAT Muzhda Farda follows an inclusive approach; planning and consulting each step with our client during the overall process of business planning, strategy, branding and implementation.

Our Services

Businesses, projects and initiatives all have different needs and challenges to overcome. Out of all the possible communication interventions, we help our clients identify the right ones. Depending on what you and your business require and where you want to take your business, our team of experts, tailor the right package for you.

As a full-service agency with a range of in-house capabilities, we offer the following services based on our team's extensive expertise in the different areas of Media and Communications:

Our Clients

Below are some of our clients and brands we have worked with.

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Meet the Team

Meet the minds behinds IRTEBATAT Muzhda Farda. Feel free to contact us if you wish to speak to us.

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Hasibullah Ahmadzad

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

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Heelai Noor

Program Director

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Anuraag Dalal

Marketing Strategist

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Omair Faizullah

Creative Director

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Abdul Samad Katawazy

Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist

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Abdul Hasib

Senior Finance Manager

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Shafiullah Halimi

Senior Administration Manager

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Karimullah Nasiri

Information Technology (IT) Manager

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Bahram Alizada

Project Manager


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